You only get to experience 1 fall a year, and by the time you read this you’re probably older than 15. This means you probably have only 65 falls left in you — remember to do your best to enjoy each one.

Anyway, this particular fall I took more…

Hi! Today we’re going to be comparing the usability of various household devices (Microwave, TV remote, keyboard, etc.) against those of research devices (like eye trackers and brain-computer interfaces).

Information Transfer Rate and Bits/Min

To do this, we’ll be investigating each device’s information transfer rate (ITR), or how fast the user can communicate with the…

Hi, Andy here. I want to bring your attention to the depressing fact that there are really only two ways to sell software. Well, three, but hardly anybody uses the third. I am, of course, talking of subscription services (SaaS) and advertisement/data driven.

Software as a Business Model

Before people could write software for a…

“Waking up one morning, a student of Zen realized he was going to be late to meet his teacher. He quickly got up and rushed out to his teacher’s hut. Upon arriving, he took off his shoes outside and greeted him.

Noticing his shortness of breath, his master asked ‘Which…

Bear with me. I’m going to try to explain something slightly abstract but incredibly interesting.

You, the brain reading this

Look at your hands. Admire your reflection in a mirror. That’s you, right?

Wrong. That is not you. You are the brain inside that person. You are a chunk of meat piloting a bone-armored meatsuit…

Andy Kong

Hi! I’m Andy. I try to make things that haven’t been made before. Check out my personal projects at https://andykong.org/

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